Unlocking Achievement
in School and Beyond

Middle school is an ideal time to engage students in a course that actively teaches them to be better learners, thus providing them with the opportunity to become students capable of greater overall success.

Managing Me is designed to teach science-based executive function and self-management strategies while fostering a growth mindset and mindfulness to become more effective and efficient students. The goal of this program is to help students build habits that are associated with higher levels of achievement in school and beyond.

This curriculum emphasizes coaching learners in and providing learners with the TEMPO skills to
take control of their academic experience through harnessing skills in:

Training the Brain

Like any muscle, our brains need to workout in order to strengthen our abilities to learn and build good habits.

Executive Functioning

These skills include understanding how to think, manage emotions, and solve problems.


In order to increase success, learners need to believe that their abilities are not fixed but instead can improve with practice and patience.


The ability to not be thrown off course when something unexpected happens is greatly improved by practicing how to anticipate and prepare for activities and events that are expected.


From your child’s room to their backpack, learning skills to be more organized creates less stress and more effective performance in many aspects of their lives.


Educators and parents are struggling to help students overcome unprecedented challenges:

  • Reaching their full potential.
  • Becoming self-motivated and independent learners.
  • Overcoming COVID-19 learning losses.
  • Closing longstanding achievement gaps.
  • Competing for jobs in the global economy.

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Renowned educational institutions and educators, as well as new research – support that explicitly teaching executive function and self-regulation skills fundamentally influence student achievement by teaching students how to learn which:

  • Provides individuals with the foundation to become better learners and stronger students.
  • Trains students to adapt, learn and excel in evolving environments and situations.
  • Enables learners to reach their full potential.
  • Prepares students to succeed in the global economy.
  • Facilitates a lifelong love of learning.

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Managing Me is an innovative learning class that has been successfully utilized in select award-winning California schools for years.

Boosting Executive Function May Help Close Income-Based Achievement Gap.

– LilyBelle Deer, Paul Hastings, and Camelia Hostigar

Reframing of education for the 21st century
includes “Executive function skills such as
increasing attention and working memory” as critical content for curriculum.


Managing Me is an executive functioning and self-management program for schools, created by a diverse cohort of prominent leaders in education, behavioral health, health care, public health and the entertainment industry. The founding partners include:

Helen L. Baron, M.D.

Director Of
Health Curriculum

N.F.N. Scout, Ph.D.

Curriculum Designer &
Director Of Data Acquisition &
Director Of Inclusivity

Kerrilyn “K.” Simmons

Chief Executive Director

Leslie S. Snyder, Ph.D.

Director Of Behavioral Health



“Most students are becoming more diligent in keeping up with assignments and making sure they are set for the day. Particularly in my coaching group, I know that it was super beneficial in helping declutter and learn to manage the multifaceted aspects that come with middle school.”

“I have seen growth in their study habits and within the confidence that most of them carry. It was clear that some of the lessons were taken to heart and were utilized in a very positive and effective way.”

“This is a curriculum that students need now and teachers have been searching for. The lessons are engaging and skills taught are immediately applicable to students’ lives. It teaches all the things we know students need, but so often just expect them to come in knowing…or we just try to fill gaps when we see them by applying different executive functioning or self-management strategies. But this program brings all students in on the ground floor and teaches them all of these skills together. I look forward to seeing this curriculum grow so more students can have access to more lessons over longer periods of time.”


“It would be easy for a school to minimize this class because it’s not a hardcore academic subject. But the reality is, the material covered in this class touches EVERY class in EVERY future school year for the student. While other classes are important, this class has the opportunity to be the difference-maker as to whether a student “just gets through” school or thrives there. As such, this course should be a front and center offering that is supported by faculty and staff, thus making it also important to students and parents.”

“This is a great class that helps with real life situations.”

“It is very important for setting new 6th graders up to manage middle school etc.”

“This topic seems very important to teach in school; this seemed like a well thought-out, systematic way of making the topic more top of mind for students.”

“It’s wonderful! And something so valuable that I wish I had in school.”


“I have seen myself become a better person while this class was going on.”

“I feel more confident in myself and getting all my work done.”

“The lessons on task lists and organization both helped me tremendously at managing myself. Now I am better at organization habits, managing my time, and completing everything thoroughly.”

“I am more mindful and have better executive functioning.”

“I have seen myself being a lot more responsible.”

“I have learned new study strategies and I think they have helped me.”

“I am definitely more organized. Before I would clean my room but I was less consistent. Now it has become routine to tidy my room!”

“I have noticed that I am more productive now.”

“I have seen changes with my study habits and using task lists. I have been much more successful and by using task lists it has improved my time management skills greatly.”